Amaro 40th Anniversary

On the company’s 40th anniversary, a special gift box with Tonino Lamborghini Amaro has been produced: a historic Italian product that embodies the brand values and represents a perfect blend of heritage and modernity.

Tonino Lamborghini Amaro 40th Anniversary is a refined herbal liquor obtained from a typical Venetian recipe, that includes: the “Carciofo Violetto di Sant’Erasmo”, a particularly distinguished variety of purple artichoke that grows exclusively in the loamy soils of the lagoon and is renowned for its distinctive digestive properties; Artemisia, a perennial plant well-recognised as a medicinal herb, also used in the kitchen for its pleasantly balsamic scent; Inularia, known for its digestive and balsamic properties.

The limited edition bottle is enriched by a laser-engraved steel label.


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