“If I can’t give you Italy, I will give you the taste of it!”

Tonino Lamborghini, President

A Special Selection

Tonino Lamborghini has created three blends to offer the perfect cup of traditional Italian Coffee.
The accurate selection of the green coffee beans and the sophisticated phases of production, roasting, warehouse and strict manufacturing inspections, guarantee every time the same unmistakable, full and enveloping aroma.

Italy in a Cup

Red, Platinum and Black are the three special branded blends enclosed in exclusive packaging for HoReCa and Retail distribution. The real Italian coffee to taste all around the world.

What makes the difference

Careful selection procedures

The sophisticated processing, roasting and storage phases, as well as the strict production controls, create blends of the highest quality.

Served in over 40 countries

A high positioning line served in the best hotels, lounges and cafes, selected clubs, specialized retail outlets in the world.

Creating a better tomorrow

Building partnerships with farmers, paying premium coffee prices, and encouraging sustainable practices.